Thank you for visiting my page. I have added information here about what I do, What I can do and also a little about me. If you have any questions and or suggestions please email me, contact me by phone or any social media by either searching the company name or my name. Some links are here on the website.

Please note I am on call (emergencies) during bank holidays and weekends. Emergencies are classed as my house is flooding, my website is down, my electric is off and my fridge wont get cold (failed on that day not two weeks ago).

If you do call me on a evening/weekend my call out fee is double, If you call me on a bank holiday evening/weekend my fee is triple. Landlords have a slightly different arrangement subject to receiving and agreeing to terms and conditions.

My normal working hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (messages can and might be replied to outside of these times)

My email is should you need help.

Something that was said to me was you cant have all three….good, cheap and quick.

Please understand Cyprus is an island with less than 1 million people which means no one will stock in hope for a sale on bespoke items. As an engineer we can only take what is available and install or modify and install to repair an item. yes everything has to be shipped in which means everything here is premium priced.

With computer work and or invoicing, this is normally done when I finish my daily work away from home, IE after 5pm. As with life it is ever changing so you will need patience as I like to provide quality over speed in the work and information I provide. Some things will take time.

If you require speed please make sure this is made clear from the beginning and thus I can advise if I am able to provide speed before we agree with each other in providing the service you desire.