Hi, yes this is a service I do, I have alot of experience and knowledge in killing black mold. please note black mold is activated by water so if it rains and you have water getting inside of your property the black mold will return.

I charge a standard fee of 25.00 euros per room or 100 per floor (maximum size 60m squared) I use a safe chemical which is child and pet safe but the application can cause breathing issues as it is sprayed onto the walls.

Also fabrics can be bleached by this so I would advise clearing rooms of fabrics and other items you do not want damaged by the bleach. My time and chemicals is in this price but I cannot move furniture or other labour items in this price so please ensure the room is ready for treatment.

I am unable to carry out any painting as the original paint colour returns after the treatment (bleach does not affect paint colour) also I do not water proof any walls or ceilings as there are many companies that specialize in Cyprus for this work. to do this extra work I would need to invest in tools and materials which I cannot carry.