Hi Yes i am a qualified and experience IT Technician. I have been programming and using computers since 1996 (work) but go back to the x86 PC with 5 1/4 floppy drives right up to M.2 SSD drives of today.

I have done a lot of work here in Cyprus for IT including but not limited to:-

  • install networking to 10GB /Second 48 lines to server
  • android programming
  • creation of android/apple apps
  • websites, hosting and domain names
  • hardware and software diagnostics
  • printer setups
  • Wi-Fi install, diagnostics and repairs
  • setting up Wi-Fi over 5km range
  • plus many more

I have also advised and dealt with Cyta landlines and telephony systems. Being that I studied and qualified to provide landlines and broadband in the UK prior to moving here in 2016.

I have and do work with hardware, software, networking and other formats. I also design, build, register domain names and provide hosting for websites both here and the UK.

My website skills cover most as I have been doing this since 1996 (prior to broadband) and yes I know the pain of uploading a website via dialup. html, php, MySQL, java, and a lot more…

My hardware skills out perform most engineers as I am registered with Seagate as a recovery technician and also licensed by Microsoft to work anywhere in Europe with the CompTIA A+ certification. I have also studied networking but family required my attension so I never took the exam.