I am Keith Morrison-Williams an appliance repair technician. I have been repairing appliances in Cyprus for 5 years and ongoing. I have a lot of recommendations, support and loyal customers who use me repeatedly over the time I have been here.

Currently my fee depnds on your location but a minimum call out fee of 35.00 euros is required (please ask for confirmation).

Due to the increase in petrol costs this may increase this year 2022 but I am holding back in hope it wont.

Keith Morrison-Williams been. Regulators, valves, a few things but all good now. Can see why Keith is highly recommended”

Feedback from Tracey Milnes

I have the safety equipment for checking for gas leaks, I carry some spares (its impossible to stock every spare for every appliance for the last 10 years) I have made connections in the trade allowing me to source parts.

Fully recommend, great and friendly service. First class work.

feedback from Joanne Rebecca Amwell

I have to sometimes modify older or more unusual machines to accept after market parts that are available which are safe to use in place of the original parts from the factory and can mostly be cheaper as specialist parts from manufacturers have to be shipped in and this can be uneconomical.